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Yellowstone Cutthroat
We are having an ART SALE!! In appreciation for all the interest in our new book,  we have added most of the art from the book to the Art Gallery and are offering a SPECIAL SALE  of 20% off all fine art prints and originals thru July 31!!     Just use the coupon code SUMMER at check-out. Upright-Wings
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Brown & Dave'sHopper
Good news!  Our new book is now available!! "Artful profiles of Trout, Char and Salmon - and the Classic Flies that Catch Them" is filled with Dave's art, whit and wisdom.  When you order your copy, be sure to let us know who you'd like it personalized to when we sign it.  
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Brown and Grasshopper
If you haven't used them you should definitely try our Whitlock TelStrike Indicators!  The Telstrike “flag” visually telegraphs every move the fly makes and alerts you faster and more accurately than other indicators on the market  - so can hook more and bigger fish!!

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