Doug C., Lincoln, NE

Dave, you must know that those who regularly read fly-fishing publications are preconditioned to an appropriate respect for your abilities and dedication to fly-fishing. Count me among that group. I also play golf, and suspect that I would have a similar feeling if Tiger Woods was working with my golf game, although he would clearly lack the life experiences you are able to share. It was awesome. There I was casting loops with a yarn line on Dave Whitlock’s floor! Soon those feelings were replaced, however. As we learned from the two of you, we also were making friends. Welcoming strangers into your home every week would be difficult, but I suspect you seldom say good-by to a stranger at class’s end. You’re enthusiasm for people and devotion to fly-fishing are a rare combination. The two of you compliment each other beautifully. Thank you for sharing three of your days with me. My wife will never give me a better birthday gift than this.