‘Landlock Salmon Leap’


Signed and Numbered, Limited-Edition Giclee Print  (11 x 14 inches)   Edition of 350


‘Landlock Salmon Leap’  by Dave Whitlock

When Atlantic Salmon became landlocked after the ice age they never lost their sea vigor, strength and speed.  So when I hook one it’s exactly like an encounter with the sea-run fish only in miniature.  I really love attempting to capture this uniqueness with my paints and pencils.

Signed, numbered and enhanced, limited-edition Giclee print  (11 x 14 inches)       Edition of 350

 * If you’d like your print signed to you personally by Dave, please add that information to the ‘notes‘ box at check-out.


Dave hand-enhances all his limited-edition prints with art pencils, inks and/or paints to enrich the colors and overall effect, adding value and individuality to the each print.

A limited-edition is a print that is only available in a limited number. The edition size tells you how many prints are produced and each is hand-signed by the artist and numbered.  A number, such as 1/200, means that this is the first print signed and that there are only 200 prints that will ever be created of this work with these particular dimensions.


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