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Fighting Big Fish

Fighting Big Fish        by Dave Whitlock    Fly Fishing and Tying Journal Fall 2007


The successful conclusion of landing a really nice trophy fish on a fly can make our day, our year, or even be the fish of a lifetime …or it can break our heart if it’s lost. For over 70 years I’ve had a large shar of both experiences with fish of my own,  our students and our friends.  Here are some things I’ve learned to help cope with these rare occasions.

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Dave & Emily Whitlock

3 thoughts on “Fighting Big Fish

  1. I love the article. Please check the link for “Continue to read more” as i do not get the remainder of the article. The small print copy is hard to read for my old eyes. 🙂

  2. Dave,

    Great article about fighting big fish. I a recent trip to Lake Pyramid, I caught a few 12 lbs. Lahontan Cutthroat but I lost several fish because I don’t know how to fight big fish. I wish I would have read your article sooner. Bottom line, I won’t be losing fish of a life time after reading this blog. Thank You.

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