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Fighting Big Fish

Fighting Big Fish        by Dave Whitlock    Fly Fishing and Tying Journal Fall 2007


The successful conclusion of landing a really nice trophy fish on a fly can make our day, our year, or even be the fish of a lifetime …or it can break our heart if it’s lost. For over 70 years I’ve had a large shar of both experiences with fish of my own,  our students and our friends.  Here are some things I’ve learned to help cope with these rare occasions.

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Whitlock’s Emerger System – Top to Bottom

Whitlock Emerger System – Top to Bottom

By Dave & Emily Whitlock  ·  Fly Fisherman Magazine – Fly Fishing Made Easy 2015

Most of us remember times when a stream appeared totally devoid of fish, then a “hatch” began and the river boiled with rising trout. When trout see these aquatic insects emerging from the stream bottom and swimming up toward the surface, they have an instinctual and aggressive feeding response. Read more

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My Secret Fly Line – Fly Fisherman Magazine Gear Guide 2013



My ‘Secret’ Fly Line
Easier casting and stealthy presentations with clear intermediate fly lines

By Dave & Emily Whitlock  Fly Fisherman Magazine Gear Guide 2013

The sight of a fly line in the air or on or below the water is often a disturbing sight to fish. Distract a fish that you want to grab your fly and it’s an almost sure thing that it will forget eating even before your fly reaches the water. So, in certain situations, it makes sense to use a colorless fly line to reduce chances of disturbing your quarry. Read more…

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Traditional Wet Flies – Fly Fisherman Magazine Nov 2011



Traditional Wet-fly Tactics

By Dave & Emily Whitlock  ·  Fly Fisherman Magazine November   ·  2011

Sometimes it can be just as rewarding and stimulating to experience history and tradition, as it is to discover something new. About ten years ago my fly-fishing enjoyment and success was significantly improved when a close friend, Davy Wotton, introduced me to the fascinating methods and flies of traditional wet-fly fishing. Surprisingly, this method is as effective and enjoyable as any current, popular fly-fishing technique. Read more…

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Stalking the Golden Ghost – Fly Fisherman Magazine


Stalking the Golden Ghost

by Dave Whitlock   ·  July 1998  ·  Fly Fisherman Magazine

Let’s create a super-fish for fly fishing in the 21st Century. It should be smart, selective, strong, fast, almost indestructible, and plentiful in clod, cool, warm, and tropical waters from coast to coast and border to border. This super-fish should never need stocking, must coexist peacefully with other game fish, feed on flies from top to bottom, and be as colorful as a Snake River cutthroat. Such a mysterious wonder-fish would be as valuable as gold, so we should call it something special; how about the “Golden Ghost?”  Read more…