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Whitlock’s Emerger System – Top to Bottom

Whitlock Emerger System – Top to Bottom

By Dave & Emily Whitlock  ·  Fly Fisherman Magazine – Fly Fishing Made Easy 2015

Most of us remember times when a stream appeared totally devoid of fish, then a “hatch” began and the river boiled with rising trout. When trout see these aquatic insects emerging from the stream bottom and swimming up toward the surface, they have an instinctual and aggressive feeding response. Read more

2 thoughts on “Whitlock’s Emerger System – Top to Bottom

  1. Thank you for the articulate and pragmatic advice. This system really works! Adding a small New Zealand strike indicator (white yarn) for the upstream drift enhances strike detection ~ unless that violates one’s religious principles.

    1. Jim,

      Thanks for your positive feed back about my Vertical Emerger System. I can’t see any reason why your indicator suggestion wouldn’t work well – just as long as it doesn’t prohibit the bottom fly from reaching maximum depth for the rising emerger phase of this technique. Sounds like you’ve already tried it and have been successful. We’ll give it a try, too. That’s what I love about fly fishing, there are so many ways to enjoy this sport – never just one.

      Keep experimenting! I’m still doing that every day.

      Warm regards,


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