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Traditional Wet Flies – Fly Fisherman Magazine Nov 2011



Traditional Wet-fly Tactics

By Dave & Emily Whitlock  ·  Fly Fisherman Magazine November   ·  2011

Sometimes it can be just as rewarding and stimulating to experience history and tradition, as it is to discover something new. About ten years ago my fly-fishing enjoyment and success was significantly improved when a close friend, Davy Wotton, introduced me to the fascinating methods and flies of traditional wet-fly fishing. Surprisingly, this method is as effective and enjoyable as any current, popular fly-fishing technique. Read more…

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  1. Just received your “Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods” and want to thank you for your kind personalization. Have been waiting for its arrival for several months and not disappointed. Regarding your wet fly article… am just now learning the technique and appreciate the great advice in the article. Thanks very much.

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