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Four Season’s River, Field & Stream – Dave’s first article


The Four Seasons River

By Dave Whitlock
Field and Stream – May 1968  (Dave’s very first article)

While most trout streams that lie further north offer mainly ice-clogged impossibilities, Arkansas’ White River has top fishing. The river, hills and sky reflected late-autumn gold as I began to false-cast my second offering to the big fish holding there in midstream. He’d had two close looks at the size 14 Irresistible before losing interest. Now, as the brown Jassid settled lightly on the riffle and drifted close to his lie, it seemed as if he might refuse it too. But the last few inches of float were more than he could resist. Up moved the long green shadow, deliberately and gracefully and the Jassid disappeared in a swirl that barely disturbed the surface. I quickly raised my rod, hoping I would not snap the 5X tippet against his moving weight. Read more…

2 thoughts on “Four Season’s River, Field & Stream – Dave’s first article

  1. Don’t know how I might have missed that article but you are a masterful writer. Enjoyed.

    1. Thanks so much, Henry. Dave

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