‘Magnificent Seven’ – Dragonflies


Open-edition, fine art Giclee print 

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‘Magnificent Seven’ by Dave Whitlock

This dragonfly squadron in flight displays the beautiful, intricate form and jeweled colors of this marvelous insect. These each represent one of the seven families of dragonflies.

Top left to bottom:  Petaltail; Emerald; Darner; Spiketail; Cruisers; Clubtail; Skimmers.

There is a wide range of sizes and colors among the approximately 450 North American species of dragonflies. I absolutely love dragonflies and I had been wanting to create this piece for many years!

A fly identification card is included.

Open-edition, fine art Giclee print 

Two sizes: 11 x 14 inches  and 13 x 17 inches


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