“Bucktail Streamers”


Signed, numbered and enhanced, limited-edition Giclee print  

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“Bucktail Streamers” by Dave Whitlock

Bucktail streamers are imitations of small fish that are fed upon by predator fish. The bucktail’s most distinguishing characteristic is the hair of which the body is constructed – frequently long, tapering, crinkly hair from the tail of a whitetail buck deer.

This plate of classic bucktail streamers includes the earliest, the most classic and some of the most beautiful, as well as more current designs that are bound for classic reputations. My artistic skills were delightfully challenged by the unique form, color, pattern and shape of hair. I’ve endeavored to give these bucktail portraits a semi-wet appearance as a compromise between their unruly dry hair look and the streamline wet look. I hope they catch both your eye for their beauty as well as your fly fishing imagination.

Open-edition, fine art Giclee print 

Two sizes:  11 x 14 inches and  13 X 16


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