‘The Incredible Muddler Minnow’


Fine art Giclee prints

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‘The Incredible Muddler Minnow’       by Dave Whitlock

The Muddler Minnow is a flared-deerhair, fat-headed streamer fly originally conceived by Don Gapen in 1936, while fishing in north Ontario’s brook-trout haven, after his guide showed him how effective live sculpins were for giant brookies. When Don  tied the first Muddler Minnow to imitate these sculpins he not only created a killer fly  but also an 80-year fly revolution for  catching not only big trout on muddlers all around the world but other species including Atlantic salmon, steelhead, bass and even saltwater species.

 I truly believe that flared deer-hair has an almost mystical attraction to fish and that’s why I created both my Dave’s Hopper and Matuka Sculpin using muddler heads and collars.  The muddler and its family of variations and spin-offs are true classics and many of the best are represented in this fly plate.

A fly identification card is included.

 Fine Art Giclee prints

 Two sizes:  11 x 14 inches 13 X 17 inches


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