‘Traditional Dry Flies’


Open-Edition Giclee Fine Art Prints

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‘Traditional Dry Flies’    by Dave Whitlock

Since its conception in the 1800’s, the dry fly has been an important mainstay in most every trout fisher’s fly box.  Perhaps beautiful, aquatic mayfly adults – floating like delicate sailboats on the smooth surface of English chalk stream – first inspired man to fly fish for trout. The design, effectiveness, grace, beauty and charm of these flies have captured the devotion of fly fishing writers, poets, artists and fly tiers across the centuries.  I was so moved when I first witnessed a Danica emergence on the Itchen in Hampshire, England. The experience of seeing a trout rise to the surface and capture a mayfly – and then rise again to an imitation of the mayfly you’ve just presented is a moving experience that  is seldom forgotten and addictive to the degree that some trout fly fishers never fish any other way again.

A fly identification card is included.

Open-Edition Giclee Fine Art Prints

 Two sizes:  11 x 14 inches 13 X 17 inches


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