“The Temperate Bass” – Original Art


Original by Dave Whitlock        (19 X 23)

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“The Temperate Bass”   by Dave Whitlock

Temperate bass are a family of five gamefish that are strong, incredibly aggressive and beautiful, fly-eating prizes.

I vividly remember, catching my first temperate bass on a fly in one of my favorite Oklahoma creeks when I was 16 years old. That strike and relentless fight had me convinced that I’d finally hooked my dream, 5-pound smallmouth. You can imagine how surprised – and then pleased – I was when I brought in an exotic 15-inch white bass that had worked its way up the Mississippi river to the Arkansas River and finally to my little creek

The temperate bass family derives its name from their wide tolerance to water temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are four family members considered true bass:  striped bass, white bass, yellow bass and white perch, and also the hybrid striped bass.  The striped bass and white perch are salt, brackish and fresh water residents while the other three are found in freshwaters only.

Depicting these five beauties was both a challenge and a great pleasure.

Left to right:  white bass, white perch, striped bass, yellow bass, hybrid striper.

19 inches X 23 inches on archival, fine art paper

Original art piece, hand-drawn by Dave.  The media is one of his favorites – fine art pencil – because he loves the detail and brilliant colors he can coax from his pencils.


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