Whitlock Signature Trout Flies – 12 flies


Designed by Dave Whitlock – Tied by Rainy’s Flies


Flies designed by Dave Whitlock  – Tied by Rainy’s flies

A great selection of Whitlock-designed flies to catch trout just about anywhere!

12 flies in a plastic, sectioned fly box.

WHITLOCK’S SIGNATURE TROUT ASSORTMENT: Original Dave’s Hopper, Original Dave’s Cricket, Bright Spot Inch Worm, Damsel Nymph, Red Fox Squirrel Nymph, BH Red Fox Squirrel Nymph, RL BH Red Fox Squirrel Nymph, BH Larva Red Fox Squirrel Nymph, NearNuff Sculpin, Adult Stonefly, Dark Stone Nymph, and Whit’s Hopper.


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