Whitlock’s Vortex Diver – CHUB


Flies designed by Dave and tied by Rainy’s Flies


NEW fly design by Dave Whitlock

The VORTEX DIVER series is the culmination of my efforts to produce a surface and subsurface imitation of some of the baitfish that are important food forms for trout, bass, snook, tarpon, stripers and other predatory gamefish. I designed these flies with a deer and elk-hair diver-head that creates a strong water-vortex that then causes the marabou, soft cock hackles and Mylar body and tail materials to wiggle like a live – but distressed – minnow.  This material and design combination of realistic shape and colors, surface/subsurface water actions and extra wide design to produce low-frequency sound and bubble chains get’s the immediate attention of hungry fish.

I use the Vortex Diver with both a  floating weight-forward or bug taper, or with a sink tip – and a 7.5 feet, OX leader. For the maximum water column coverage, the #III or IV sink-tip is ideal as this lets us fish the fly on the surface, shallow or for deeper dives and swims. For river shorelines, this is an awesome combo for big trout and trophy smallmouth bass.  Plus this fly is easier to cast and fish than many of the mega-big streamers – and can have the same effect on larger fish!

The Vortex Diver comes in three patterns:  Shad, Chub and After Hours (dark conditions fly),  and two sizes: 02 and 06


Flies Designed by Dave Whitlock –  Tied by Rainy’s Flies

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Chub, Shad, After Hours

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02, 06


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