Traditional Wet Fly Assortment


A 12-Fly Assortment

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This wonderful assortment of traditional wet flies was selected by world-renowned, professional fly fisher – Davy Wotton.  He chose for us what he considers to be some of the best traditional flies to use in most fishing situations.

This box of  fishing flies includes:

1. Peter Ross    2. Invicta      3. Muddler Daddy      4. March Brown      5. Silver Invicta      6. Blue Dun      7. Wickham’s Fancy      8. Black Gnat      9.  Alexandra      10. Ginger Quill      11. Hare’s Ear      12. Greenwell


To learn how to fish and tie traditional wet flies, you’ll want to check our store for  Davy Wotton’s Wet Fly Ways and Wet Fly Tying videos.

And don’t miss out on Dave Whitlock’s beautiful and popular  Traditional Wet Fly prints in our Art Gallery.


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