‘Atlantic Salmon Flies’ (NEW)


Open-edition Giclee print  

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Atlantic Salmon Flies by Dave Whitlock

Atlantic Salmon are beautiful, high leaping anadromous fish that usually live part of their life in an ocean and part of their life in freshwater.  They will move into the rivers of their birth, after spending years in salt water, to spawn and are not believed to eat much on this journey up river and so must be enticed into taking a fly.  I believe the magic of these special fly designs is in letting your mind fantasize on how these creations effect the salmon. I like to visualize that my fly looks like a beautiful living form that will temp an Atlantic salmon to rise. Creating with a hook, thread, feathers and hair, an object of both beauty and function, then casting it into the lies of the ‘monarch’ of freshwater fishing could easily be considered the pinnacle of angling.

Creating this fly plate with pen and art pencil was pure delight for me.

Open-edition Giclee print 

Two sizes:  11 x 14 inches ;  13 X 17

Fly identification card included

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