‘The Small Crustaceans’


Open-edition, fine art Giclee print 

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‘The Small Crustaceans’   by Dave Whitlock

There are five small freshwater crustacean groups in North American that are of interest to fly fishers. These tiny invertebrates inhabit calcium-carbonate rich streams, rivers, tail waters and lakes and are an especially nutrient-rich food form for trout. These five groups are:  scuds (Amphidoda); shrimp (Decapoda); opossum shrimp (Mysidacea); water fleas or Daphnia (Cladocera); and sow bugs (Isopoda).

A fly identification  card is included.

Open-edition, fine art Giclee print 

Two sizes:  11 x 14 inches and 13 x 17 inches


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