‘Artful Profiles of Trout, Char and Salmon – and the Classic Flies that Catch Them”

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NEW hardback book by Dave & Emily Whitlock


‘Artful Profiles of Trout, Char and Salmon – and the Classic Flies that Catch Them’    by Dave & Emily Whitlock


“This beautifully written and illustrated book is a must-have for anyone with an interest in angling, whether they are an absolute beginner or an experienced angler with years under their belts”

It is with passion and clarity that Dave and Emily Whitlock describe the unique stories of the major species of cold-water fish that are most sought after by fly fishers: trout, char and salmon.  Throughout chapters 1 to 23, they weave stories not only in terms of fly-fishing, but also in terms of anatomy, color patterns, personalities, where and how they live and what they feed upon.  Liberally sprinkling in tales from a lifetime of fly fishing for these beautiful creatures.  Every chapter is lavishly illustrated with Dave’s original art.

In chapters 24-37, the Whitlock’s bring to life the histories of the major classic flies that have been successfully used since the early days of fly fishing in North America to catch trout, char and salmon.  With his pens and pencils, Dave has created gorgeous fly plates for each category of classic flies, as well as detailed diagrams of the basic parts and design of the flies.  Personal anecdotes and very useful tips on how to present and fish these flies are found throughout the chapters. Reading this book will give the reader a real understanding of these significant collections of classic flies and why so many are still some of the most important flies used today.

The gorgeous illustrations on nearly every page of this book, along with thoughtful and concise writing, make for incredibly entertaining and essential reading for any fly fisher!

Please Note:  Most of the art that appears in this book are available as fine-art prints on this website.

Emily can sign this book to you or a friend.  Just let us know the name in the ‘Order Notes’ box at checkout.

Hardback,  165 pages,  10.75 X 8.25 inches


1 review for ‘Artful Profiles of Trout, Char and Salmon – and the Classic Flies that Catch Them”

  1. rick Ogden (verified owner)

    Dave has written many good books that teach you about fly fishing and the fish you are catching and the why’s and why nots of this passion but this book is different. Dave with Emily’s help put his heart in this book and got personal. His soul came out and this book is one you will read over and over. You learn more each time you read it, you live the experiences. If you could only have one book to read about fishing for trout this is 1 through 10 of choices. This book is heart warming.

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