‘Classic Upright Hair-Wing Flies’


Open-edition, fine art Giclee print 

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‘Classic Upright Hair-Wing Flies’   by Dave Whitlock

The classic ‘upright hair-wing dry fly” is floating fly which suggests a mayfly dun or spinner. It was originated in 1930 by Lee Wulff (1905-1991) mainly to fish the Northeastern US. Lee wanted a fly that would float well and hold up to the heavy use of multiple trout catches per day.  He chose coarse guard-hair from the tail of the white-tail deer to make the two thick and bushy upright wings and tail. 

Prior to Lee’s Hair-Wings, most dry flies were tied using feathers for wings. This material choice was so unique that it began an entire new series of dry flies with variations that are still being created today. In the 87 years since Lee’s hair-wing dry fly innovation  (the Wulff flies), the design has become universally popular and easily qualifies as one of our true classic trout flies.

A fly identification card is included.

Open-edition, fine art Giclee print 

Two sizes:  11 x 14 inches and 13 x 17 inches





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